SummerFruit.pngNumber of registration to national register of fertilizers manufacturers: 01235/12.
Summerfruit srl was founded in 2001 for the purpose of marketing plants, fruits and products for agriculture. Innovation, experience, careful observation and knowledge of the agricultural world are the supporting factors of the activities carried out during these years.
Where did the decision to produce fertilizers spring from?


The pandemic caused by the bacterium Pseudomonas Sirynge Actinidiae, which has been recently spreading throughout the world of kiwifruit, has pushed Summerfruit srl to meet the challenge and to concentrate its forces on the fields of research and testing of products for agriculture, conducting tests on field, in greenhouse and in laboratory, either directly or in collaboration with public official research bodies, with the aim of formulating fertilizers that can help plants resist the disease and beyond.


Recent Plant Neurobiology studies conducted by Florence University showed that the plant’s immune system reacts in a manner similar to that of man, and that all cells carry electrical signals allowing to obtain information about their health status.
With the help of sophisticated bio-energetic tests, through a revolutionary system of “biocommunication with plants”, it was possible to identify the mixtures for health and perfect biocompatibility between plant and formulation. This has allowed us to study” by trial and error” and on field on the real biological response to treatment products, setting a new frontier in nutrition and care of plants.



The result of this work is the BIOYETHI line, with its components exerting a synergistic action that reinforces the plants health and incites them to activate their defense mechanisms, in order to naturally fight the main diseases affecting them. With Bioyethi products you can feed a wide range of plants, from fruit-bearing plants and stone fruit plants, to vegetables and ornamental plants, and to forest and even tropical plants.
Of fundamental importance is the technical support that Summerfruit offers directly on field and to retailers, so that to each crop, to each area, and to all environmental conditions can be offered customized action plans aimed at solving their specific problems.The products are designed for multiple applications: per foliar, root and endoterapic treatment.

In particular, endotherapy represents an absolute innovation in the fruit-breeding field, but is particularly important since it generates an immediate reaction inside the plant and shortens the response time.
Classified in the EC Regulation N ° 2003/2003, they are fertilizers, whose use is ALLOWED IN ORGANIC FARMING.